Are all EVA the same?

While there are differences between the many EVA manufacturers products there are actually two different types of EVA.

There are discussions if EVA is good for exterior use or not (less today than some years ago)… where I would ask “which EVA do you mean?”. I ask to find out if they discuss about thermoplastic or thermoset EVA.

Thermoplastic EVA which

-you can reprocess, melting again (thermoplastic)

-not good for exterior

-overall performance lower than thermoset EVA

-lower processing temperatures (like 90C-110C)

-lower price than thermoset EVA

(most color EVA in the market are thermoplastic)

Thermoset EVA which

-you cannot reprocess once cured / cross linked (thermoset)

-good for exterior use

-overall performance higher than thermoplastic EVA

-higher processing temperatures (like 110C-140C)

-higher price than thermoplastic EVA

(most clear EVA used today are thermoset)

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