EVA Glass Lamination

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TPI All Seasons Company Limited , founded in 1993, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TPI Polene Public Company Limited, one of the largest cement manufacturer and petrochemical company in Thailand with over 35 years of experience in construction and polymeric materials.

Emerging of Vistasolar white EVA 520.88, a new generation of TPIAS EVA encapsulants.

TPI All Seasons introduced the first generation of an EVA interlayer for laminated glass

Vistasolar formulations are improved. The new 520 Series of EVA encapsulants are designed to increase yields, improve durability and enhance energy absorption (lower UV) for solar panels. Eastman Chemical acquires Solutia.

TPI All Seasons starts manufacturing Polene Solar, a high quality EVA encapsulant for photovoltaic modules.

Etimex Solar launches Vistasolar Ultra Fast cure to speed up solar panel manufacturing output.

TPI Polene, South East Asia’s leader in petrochemicals, starts EVA manufacturing with an initial production capacity of 87.000 MT per annum. Etimex Packaging of Germany develops a laminant made of EVA to encapsulate the electronic components in solar modules. From then on Etimex Solar starts branding Vistasolar 485.

TPI All Seasons introduced 521 Series with PID resistance properties. New EVA encapsulant with Ultra-High volume resistivity has been developed.

TPI All Seasons acquires the EVA encapsulant division of Eastman Chemical. The transfer of trademark, technology and manufacturing facility are completed by mid-2014 and production resumed.

Solutia, industry leader in PVB films for architectural, automotive and aerospace applications, enters the photovoltaic market by acquiring Etimex Solar of Germany; the market leader of EVA encapsulants in Europe.

TPI Polene starts its own EVA encapsulant division called TPI All Seasons.

With the rise of the Asian Tiger economies, TPI Polene decides to expand its production capacity of EVA resins to 158.000 MT per annum.