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A beautiful glass for buildings without any compromise.

Maximum Clarity

Transparency unmatched: The Vistasafe interlayer range is the clearest, most transparent EVA in the market, and offers new possibilities in combination with Low-Iron, Antireflective, or even Switchable glass.

Highly Effective

Double Embossed: VS102, VS103, and VS104 have been designed and manufactured with both surfaces being embossed, allowing an easier de-airing even in low-quality ovens with a not-so-efficient vacuum pump.


Low temperature crosslinking: Vistasafe interlayers can be laminated with temperatures as low as +100°C (time dependent) and hence providing the possibility of lamination with sensitive inserts and materials.

Durable Choice

Superb hydrophobicity: Not all EVAs are the same. Vistasafe is one of the few interlayers available with a perfect thermosetting property. This makes the entire Vistasafe range the perfect candidate for outdoors and exposed edges


A safer glass for all

VISTASAFE is a series of innovative EVA copolymer-base interlayers developed by TPI All Seasons specifically for the laminated glass industry. The materials are made of world-class quality EVA resins and are formulated for ease in processability, excellent optical properties, and long-term stability.
Durability of VISTASAFE™ : Due to its outstanding adhesive strength to glass, excellent durability against heat, noise pollution, moisture, and UV radiation, VISTASAFE™ offers superior durability and safety aspects to withstand severe environment or outdoor exposure (EN ISO 12543-4).
Impact resistance: VISTASAFE™ interlayer shows excellent resistance to impact in accordance with DIN EN356 and EN12600.

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Glass for building
TIS 1222-2539


Ball drop
EN 356


Pendulum test
EN 12600


Durability test
EN ISO 12543-4


Sound Insulation test
EN ISO 10140-2
EN ISO 717-1


Solar protect
ISO 9050
Fire resistance
UL 94


VS102 – Super Clear: Offers good fluidity, which works well with patterned glass and fabric insert application.  It additionally offers high clarity, excellent adhesive strength, and long-term durability, suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

VS103 – Ultra Clear: Offers special physical properties, specifically its adhesive, cohesive and tensile strengths, while offering superior optical properties. It is suitable for both interior and exterior architectural and design applications. It additionally offers ease in operation allowing for lower edge flow-out.
VS301 – Winter White: White color EVA range, providing total privacy and enhanced opacity to the laminated glass. This range can be mixed with the rest of the “VS” range in order to produce a wide spectrum of different colors and shades to match different specifications.
VS401 – Sandblast: Translucent or diffused EVA resulting in satin or sandblasted glass look to the laminated glass. The more layers, the more diffused the outcome. This range can be mixed with the rest of the “VS” range in order to produce a wide spectrum of different colors and shades to match different specifications.


High performance thermosetting interlayer